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13 March 2008 @ 11:02 am
The world died, and no one cared. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.

And when the whimpering was over, there was..silence. No one heard a thing. The animals continued for a while, and in some cases do continue, but when there is nothing but brown and dead grass and reeds from which to feed is not the kind of feed that suits the taste of a migrating animal whose next stop will be somewhere warmer, somewhere more temperate where the world is still at least warm to the touch if not cooling like a corpse from the inside out. The blue skies, were brushed over rapidly with grey skies like the glassy eye from a bloated body fat with flies and maggot-eggs and the most evident evidence that mother nature had shuffled off this mortal coil was when the rivers and tributaries had ceased to flow, the beat did not go on like a Sonny and Cher ditty, and with stagnant waters came stagnant fish. However the fish found no place to go, except belly up. The stank the rank and fish-fed funk became the new reek of the week which in any case is far better smells than the refinery’s finery ever offered. And when the whimpering was over, there was..silence. And man, in his stupidity and virility, made the decision that life would go on just as it had always done. Never mind that there were no longer wind to float the eddies, there was no true sunlight to warm the day anymore as much as there was muted glows behind cracked storm clouds which were pregnant in precipitation but gave nothing but still birth to the world. The only hope to man was science, and not even the same kind of science that would allow a man to fly to the moon – nothing so advanced. No, this was the most basic of science. The sciences that were left to kindergartners in our day and time as we chased far more advanced theories that would do no more than one day find us locked in dark rooms with dead monitors staring back at us like row after row of blinded prophet with no vision. Steam..it was all the steam. Boil the water, force it into a pipe smaller than what you boiled it in. Let the pressure build..regulate..watch…valves to hold back and to release and to provide a constant level…by god..it was the kind of thing that could bring life back a dead world. Oh dear lad – Mother Nature might have died, m’boy, that much is true but that didn’t mean that her children would die, or even starve. No, our tribute to our great rotting mother, even turning black and gangrene around us, will be our ongoing survival. We are her legacy and we shall be worthy of her strength. And so, over the next five decades, our society continued on. We Continued on in the steam, and the use of it. And now we have almost everything we ever needed converted to run on steam. There are who run on more dangerous game, but they don’t last long. I fear nightly for a new mercury explosion or some other such substance. We have, by far, returned to a more homestead style/frontier era pattern of life that is melded with our own technological level. Frontier law applies as well. The only time we see a constable now is when something major happens. There are no more police cars roaming the streets. The neighborhoods and homesteads patrol for themselves. Prowlers, mostly, looking for resources to take away from you. Food, water, steam equipment. If it’s yours and you catch it in their hands, their life is forfeit if you can make it so. Then you are entitled to your own back, as well as whatever they carried with them. The leavings are left to waste management, who uses the bodies in cremation, in order to power his own. Quite a near, tidy system we’ve devised here. You sit there in your comfortable future world, smiling quaintly at what we go through, but you haven’t been here for the plague, the shamblers, or the prowlers. Thank God you never would be either. You’d just as much as liability as an asset, so I wot. So go on, and read on, and remember your manners true.

For even though the world has ended in a whimper..ended in a whimper..ended in a whimper...we still find a way to live in a civil manner. You mind yours and see if you can, too.