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24 October 2007 @ 05:28 pm
Changes, Confusion, and Angst..  
The slightest chill crisp in the air, sunlight well past its apex and fading by the time I walk home from school. The sound of kicked rocks and leaves crunched underfoot. The acrid smell of diesel in my nose as buses pass me by. I could've taken the bus home, but why?

Then there was her.

We'd been friends for years, and we used to walk home together more often than not. We were never a couple (though we made a hamfisted attempt a few years later, and what a mistake THAT was) then, though I put my arm around her shoulders and let it act as a buffer between the violin case she carried like a katana on the back of her backpack and the back of her head. She put her arm around my waist and held on for dear life. We didn't walk fast, we didn't walk slow. We just..walked. We talked about everything. We only lived a couple of blocks apart, so somedays, I'd walk her home first and loop back around to my place. Other days, she'd walk me home first, and I got to hear about walking home from school with a real live (cute) girl from my mom. She always wished we'd get together. She liked her. That much was apparent.

I stood in the doorway this afternoon, and watched the sun fading as it was well past its apex and fading, smelled the crisp chillness in the air. I sipped coffee, and sighed wistfully as I remembered those days and could almost see a pair of ghosts walking down the street. One big guy with a back pack slung over a plaid trench coat that had his arm around a girl's shoulder, who wore our high school's varsity jacket and a violin case strapped to her backpack like a katana.

I guess we never forget the little joys found among all those years of changes, confusion, and angst.
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