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28 June 2007 @ 06:22 pm

Walkin’ out of  class

And step outside into a day

That’s too warm, too bright to be Feburary

Today, it’s spring – only if it’s just til tomorrow

I start walkin’ to the back forty where my chariot awaits

Wondering if Moses was just a college guy on his way

To his car when he picked up a few stragglers.

As I shuffle, I look down in the mud and half in and half out

is a tampon, sticking out of its wrapper, half in and half out

And I just gotta ask myself – “Is it used?”

They say that winter’s almost over, because a groundhog could see it’s shadow.

I personally don’t agree, because it’s just not that easy

and when I look over at the geese convention lounging poolside,

They seem to agree with me.

Old man Winter isn’t done yet

Just because there’s some grey in the temples and beard,

and a tremor in the hands.

For now, I just keep walkin’

and enjoy the spring.