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28 June 2007 @ 06:20 pm
Sit On My Interface  

I am a big fat resplendent digital Bacchus

I stand with my feet in the pod, my head in the gutter

A one man oasis in the desert of the real

With sex appeal

Your wish is my keystoke colon double backslash execute command

Ready to fulfill any impulse, any desire

With a rock hard 10 inch 1.5 megabyte data pipe

Fed to you slowly with a spoonful of honey

And a smile like the snake with an apple and a wink sayin’,

“Go ahead Eve..just take a lil’ byte…this apple’s awfully juicy.”


There’s no shame ot my game I come correct

Can sort your harajuku fetish by province and dialect

In a world where moral standing is lying down

And human connections are scarce to be found

You could do worse than to find me in this alternate reality

Where flesh is currency and souls are on credit.

Just remember that when your ass is in debt

When your escape is at hand and your release looms

That I’m the 18 year old nympho cheerleader Jill

That you jacked out with in the chat room.